How (and Why) We Work

Welcome to Tristero Coffee.

Tristero is a purveyor of fine coffees, emphasizing seasonal offerings with a concentration in Latin American coffees.

We roast your coffee once you've ordered it and dispatch it promptly.


We carefully limit our selection to coffees we love, coffees we think you will also love.

We guarantee our product unequivocally.


We roast the coffee to reveal its flavor and origin honestly, rather than roasting to mask, hide, or homogenize it. 

We sell 10 oz bags because coffee is best when it is consumed within 1-14 days of its roasting. 

We ship the coffee whole bean in vacuum sealed, biodegradable, valved bags.  This allows it to off-gas during the delivery, so that you can have the best coffee possible.


We love what we sell and what we do.  We hope you will too.


Tristero is small, word of mouth. If you like it, share it with someone you love.