About Us

Tristero Coffee

Hand Roasted- We custom roast our coffee by hand on a classic Probat roaster.  Each batch is carefully monitored for roast development and flavor.  The roasting process is neither mechanized nor formulaic.  As we source new coffees, we develop roast profiles that best exhibit each coffee's qualities and flavors. If a coffee doesn't measure up to our standards, we don't pass it on to our customers. We source our beans from reliable, discriminating vendors. 

Small Batches - Coffee tastes best when it is consumed within 14 days of roasting, so we believe it should be sold no more than seven days after roasting (we won't sell you old, stale coffee).  Our fresh coffee is always available to retail customers.

Seasonal Coffee- We source our beans responsibly as they become available throughout the season.  Our beans are grown by farmers who are compensated fairly through fair or direct trade.  We prefer to roast organic and naturally processed coffees.  Our bags are compostable and biodegradable.  Although coffee is a global commodity , we roast it locally among a community of roasters who share our values.  Our coffee supports local businesses and employs local workers.

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