• Atlas Coffee Visit

    We took a trip up to Atlas Coffee this morning in Seattle (thanks Craig, Gil, and Judy).  Up at 5:30 and got some road pastries at you-know-where, then onto I5 northbound.

    We got through the traffic and got to the cupping a few minutes late.  Atlas's lab was f-ing amazing - the tables, the roasters, the equipment, the meticulous methodology.  Just jaw dropping.

    I got super-schooled on the cupping procedure, and then we went through 6 samples:  Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia, Honduras, Rwanda, and Ethiopia (Sidamo).  It was a great experience to be able to taste these sequentially and I ended up loving the two extremes (Brazil and Rwanda). 


    Here is shot of the Diedrich!


    And the grinder I think I'll have to buy soon:)

    What a great privilege.  I'll be up there soon for further training and eventual Q3 certification (if I can hack it).


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