• Cold Brew

    So, Cold brew coffee is delicious and a great treat during these hot summer months. However, I have a cupboard full of coffee paraphernalia, and I don't have room to accommodate yet another coffee gadget. The cold brew toddy makers are very reasonably priced (under $30), but I wanted to develop a work-around using materials many coffee lovers might already have. So here is what you'll need:

    - a french press or any 32oz+ glass container.  Maybe a funnel and a paper or metal coffee filter from your drip machine.
    - coffee (6 oz, very coarsely ground - think percolator rather than french press)
    - good water
    - time (5 mins to make, 12 hours to wait)

    1. Measure it.  Grind 6oz of coffee coarsely with a good burr grinder (sneak into a grocery story if you don't have one and use theirs). 


    2.  Steep it.  Add about a cup/8oz of room temperature water to the bottom of the empty french press.  Sprinkle the ground coffee over the water in the press, then gently pour water over the grounds, trying to wet them evenly as you fill the carafe. Stir it. Cover the french press and let the mixture steep for about 12 hours at room temperature.


    3. Filter it.  There are a number of ways to do this.  You can plunge the french press.  You can pour the mixture through a fine sieve or through the paper or metal filters that you normally use in standard drip machines.  The coarse grind is what is brilliant here, as it enables you to filter the concentrate easily.  A kitchen funnel with a paper filter into a mason jar is particularly easy.

    4.  Drink it.  Dilute it to taste and serve over ice, usually about 2 parts water to 1 part coffee. The concentrate should keep for up to two weeks.


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